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butterfly mind

these words are all remainders...

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Call me Ishmael. Well, OK, you can also call me Shoe. Fewer harpoons that way, anyhow.

Birthplace and current residence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Two cats, one Shoemom, one decent admin job that feeds the cats and Shoemom and incidentally caters to my chocolate fetish...

...But what I really want to do is write. Actually managed to get published once or twice , which only encouraged the habit further - and succeeded in making several friends really, really sick of A Certain Comedy Team, whose name can no longer be spoken except in matters of dire emergency. Which is to say, whenever I feel like it. You have been warned.

So, this journal is by way of a lab for my ongoing writing experiments. Often I ramble, sometimes I snark, once in a great while I manage to say something both funny and clever. If you feel like sticking around, friend me by all means; if you then decide you'd rather not, no worries. Feedback always welcome regardless.